Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Surprise

On Wednesday, December 22, 2010, at 10:00 p.m., unannounced to anyone but our sneaky accomplice, Andrew and I stood on the front porch of the Joe Fowler house in the lovely Douglasville, GA...

"DING DONG" went the doorbell... Dad approached the door donned in his robe and slippers undershirt and undies... "SURPRISE!!!"

My parents were shocked and tickled to death that we came for Christmas.

Andrew and I planned a last minute trip to GA for the holiday, and decided to keep it a secret. And believe it or not, we were able to pull off the surprise! :)

After surprising my parents, Andrew and I hopped in my parents truck and headed over to his parents' house, where they were "waiting on a friend of ours to stop by after a Christmas party to drop off a little surprise for them" (so they were told). We went to the back door... "knock knock knock"... Ty came to the door, expecting to see our friend, but "SURPRISE!!!"

Andrew's family was just as surprised. Rachel ran down the stairs and jumped in AJ's arms!

It was such a fun night.

We surprised the rest of my family - Joby and Carla + clan and Kate and Charles - who came in for Christmas on Thursday.

Andrew and I spent the rest of the week at home celebrating Christmas with family. Lots of laughs were had by all. What a treat. 

We headed back to Cheyenne Monday evening. Although it was hard to leave home, Cheyenne has become our home now, so we're happy to be back. 

We have plans to go snow shoeing this week with the Sackett's - friends from church- (and Thomas and Charles Shields too... shout out!) and celebrate New Year's Eve with our pastor's family and more friends from Northwoods PCA. We're looking forward to it.

Up next, a post of pictures from Christmas holiday and our eventful snow adventure.

*Pops + Mama, Chris + Ty, and all of our family... we love you all so much and we praise God for letting us spend Christmas with you - a memory that will always be dear to our hearts.

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