Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas vacation...

Celebrating Christmas at home was such a delight. From our surprise arrival to the beautiful white Christmas, memories were had by all. Here's an overview of our stay in pictures...

Andrew with his cousin Ryan

Opening presents with Chris, Ty, and Rachel

Capping off the evening with some YouTube watching :)
Ryan the chef

Andrew and Rach
The men... eating fried pickles

Snow starting to fall

Fried pickles!

The pickle fryer

Christmas morning at the Fowler's

Matching... unplanned

Andrew and Dorn
Mimi and Henry

Present time for Henry!

Gift from Mary to Mimi

Gift from Cora to Pops

The kiddos

Cora the chef

Carla and her Fowler boys

Break for breakfast - opening presents works up an appetite!

Dish washer :)

Human pile

Henry pinning AJ




Joby and Carla

Gift from Joby and Carla - photo album of the kiddos

Dad, Kate, and Mama

Cute little man


Dad got high power binoculars for Christmas

Congrats to Uncle Ned and Susan... Ned proposed Christmas Eve!

Could he be any cuter?

Mary and Cora showing off their new boots in the snow

Dorn playing in the snow

Sledding time!

Bundle 'o joy

The gang


Merry Christmas from the Fowler family!


  1. Wonderful pictures Anne! I'm so glad you got to come home for Christmas. Was thinking about you and Andrew up in Cheyenne with the snow up there while it was falling here. Glad you were here instead :)

  2. How fun! You have such a sweet family! Glad yall had a great time! Sweet post!