Sunday, December 12, 2010

Home at last, home at last

After a week's worth of travel, I flew back home to Cheyenne Friday evening. I flew from Austin to Denver preparing myself for a four hour layover ahead. Luckily, with a sprint to gate A63, I was able to catch an earlier flight that left at 6:20 pm instead of 9:10 pm.  The 25 minute flight home from Denver to Cheyenne was quite comical. If any of you have seen the movie "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, do you remember the scene when the two of them are flying to his home town of Sitka, Alaska in that tee-tiny airplane that's bumping up and down? Yes? Well that was me... except that this plane only had one seat on either side with approx. 12 rows. Haha! The co-pilot was also the flight attendant and all of us in the cabin had a perfect view of the cockpit the entire flight. Oh it was so endearing... just another reason why I'm loving Cheyenne :)

When Andrew picked me up from the delightfully quaint Cheyenne airport we headed home and this is what I found...

Stockings (from Michael's) hanging on our stark white walls... mine's filled already :)
A wee Christmas tree with presents all around (four from our parents that I brought with me on the drive )
Lights strung around our porch door (Andrew and the pups looking out)
A welcome home package... Chianti (and a bottle opener - our "furnished" apartment was not so furnished), ginger snaps, a HUGE dark chocolate bar, flowers, and a new CFA polo.  Oh and my vitamin shipment arrived - please disregard.
Shout out to Erica... thanks for the package! We're waiting for Christmas to open it :)

It was a wonderful way to come back to my new home. Thank you AJ - I love you.

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