Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ready, set, eat mor chikin

It has begun!

The great race of IM (Interim Management) began last Wednesday when I dropped Andrew off at the Atlanta airport at 5:30 am. He boarded a plane to Cheyenne, WY, where he has taken on the role of the owner/operator for the Frontier Shopping Mall CFA. Andrew arrived safely and went directly to the mall to meet the staff. The GM (general manager), Jerry, invited him to join his family for Thanksgiving, so Andrew celebrated Thanksgiving with his new family... our Chick-fil-A family :)

Andrew's official first day was last Friday - BLACK FRIDAY!  He was anxious about how the day would go, but it was great. He said the store is a well-oiled machine with great employees.

Yesterday was his one week anniversary. That calls for a celebration! He seems to fit right in with the team and is very happy. Everyone who works at the store goes above and beyond to serve the guests and gives them the second-mile service that CFA cares so much about. Andrew is very encouraged and excited to see what's in store.

Mom and I embarked on our journey this past Monday, Nov 29. We I loaded the car full, including the dogs, and we hit the road. Our journey took us through five states (Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, and Nebraska) before we arrived at our final destination - Cheyenne, WY. The drive went over without a hitch, and the dogs were no trouble at all! Mom drove the majority of the way (Thanks Mama!), while I was the moral support in the passenger seat. We made it to St. Louis the first day and Lincoln the next. On our third day of travel, at 2 pm, we pulled in to our apartment complex - Sundance Apartments in Cheyenne, WY. Yeeehaw!

Since our arrival, Mom and I have been exploring Cheyenne and running some errands, including a trip to the Cheyenne Goodwill. :)  Andrew has been at the store everyday, but last night (Friday) he got off early so we could drive to Fort Collins, CO. The 45 min ride was amazing... beautiful plains with mesas on either side of the interstate. We had dinner in Old Town/Art District of Fort Collins and walked along the streets - so quaint.

Today, Mom and I are going to the local farmer's market where they sell local, free range chicken and grass fed beef and bison. Andrew and I should be eating well for the next three-four months!

Thank you to all who kept Mom and me in your prayers with our travels, and with Andrew as he has begun this new position. Please continue to pray for Andrew as he leads the CFA team here in Cheyenne - for wisdom and Godly leadership, and for me, that I will support Andrew and be an encouragement to him along the way.

Please stay tuned with our blog. I will keep you all updated on the "goings on" of the Jones' journey.

Up next - photos of our drive and first few days.

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