Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ab workout

Interested in getting a flatter, firmer stomach with hardly any work at all?

"Yes! How?" you say?

Well it's easy... for a fool proof method to getting a 6-pack in no time, just take I-25 south from Cheyenne to Denver. You'll be grasping the wheel so hard to try to stay on the road from the 50+mph winds coming your way, you'll have no choice but to clinch your stomach in tight.

Seriously. I know I've mentioned the wind before, but it is truly insane. Even if you just raise your tiny little pinky finger off of the steering wheel while flying down the interstate (speed limit is 75 mph) you will likely blow off of the road.

Here's a picture of Amos outside with the wind blowing his leash. Yes that is the wind giving it that curve!!

Don't believe me? Watch this video.
Seriously folks, this is the NORM for Cheyenne!!


On a side note, Andrew and I just returned from a few days away to Steamboat Springs! We went skiing and had a great time. We are both very sore - and slightly bruised, I might add - since it's been a while since we've been skiing. Nevertheless, Andrew was a whiz on the slopes... I was average ;)

Happy Wednesday to all!

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