Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hi all.

This has been a very busy week, so I apologize for no posts. I returned home from California on Monday, and it was certainly nice to be back. Yesterday, Andrew's cousins, Josh and Ryan, came in to town to visit for the next week... our first official visitors :)

Andrew and I picked the guys up from the Denver Airport yesterday, and we gave them a mini tour of the city. Today, we took them sledding off of Happy Jack Road, and they had a blast! This evening we drove down to Fort Collins for dinner.... Austins for dinner and Gelazzi for dessert. So delish.

Tomorrow we hit the road to Winterpark, where we will be skiing for the next few days. 

Although the only gal in the group (excluding Ellie, of course), I couldn't be happier with all my boys.

I'll post pics soon!

Grace and peace to you all on this Lord's Day.

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