Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Home sweet home.

Andrew and I are home in Atlanta... Wahoo! We flew in on Friday, March 25, and are staying until April 1. A week with family - total bliss.

Unfortunately I'm not technically in Atlanta right this second, however, but rather Virginia Beach, VA. I'm on a business trip for three days. When we first planned our trip home around my business trip, I thought that was a brilliant idea... until I got home. Of course, then I didn't want to leave! So I'm counting down the minutes until I'm back in the ATL.

Nevertheless, I was able to spend a wonderful evening with family - my dad's brother's family - in Richmond last night. We enjoyed a dinner out, I got to meet my first cousin once removed, Lena (adorable, of course), and we shared many laughs - THANK YOU FOWLER FAMILY! Love to you all. (oh and go VCU!)

I drove from Richmond to VA Beach today, after a photo shoot, and had dinner with a friend at a seafood place. It was nice. I have one more photo shoot tomorrow morning and then I'm off to Atlanta. :)

I apologize for no scripture memory verse as of yet... it's been a whirlwind of a week thus far. Expect to see that up tomorrow.

As for now... Lima Bean and I are headed to bed. We're pooped.

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