Thursday, April 21, 2011

So Long Cheyenne.

That's right. We're leaving Cheyenne... next weekend.

May 1st we're loading up my good 'ol car, Lyla, and heading South. Goodness gracious time sure does fly by!

CFA officially selected an owner/operator for the Frontier Mall CFA here in Cheyenne, so Andrew is no longer needed. We found out in February that Andrew's last day will be Saturday, April 30th.

It seems a little bittersweet to be leaving. We've enjoyed our time here. We had many adventures out in the wild west and established some friendships that I hope will be life long. And not to mention we now have Lima Bean on the way... as Andrew's dad says... we have the cold weather to thank for that! We won't, however, miss the wind. So long windy Cheyenne. Thanks for all the memories.

What's next on the Jones' Journey? Who knows! Right now we just wait.

Unless we hear something between now and May 1st, our plan is to drive back home to GA and move in with our parents. We will hang out at home until Andrew finds out what his next assignment will be (I'm not opposed to a little down time at home with family and friends!!). We will likely continue to do exactly what we have been doing here in Cheyenne somewhere else in the lovely USA. With this in mind, please pray that we are assigned a good (and maybe adventurous) destination!

Any questions or thoughts? Please direct those towards CFA corporate, as Andrew and I are seemingly clueless. If you hear anything, let us know. :)


  1. I hope a visit to Rome is in order once you get back and settled. We'd love to see you guys! :) Praying for all three of you as you move on to the next chapter with CFA.

  2. So sad to see you go! I hope you don't mind I am praying for Colorado Springs!! Enjoy your time at home.

  3. I think you guys would love Colorado Springs as well. Plus, Lee has a strong desire to live there someday. I would love to have a friend there if we did.

  4. I think we would love the Springs too! I guess we'll see what happens :)