Monday, May 23, 2011

Jones's Journey Update.

Well a whirlwind of things have happened in the last two weeks regarding our future plans. Originally, our plan was to hop in the car... two weeks ago... and make the 30 hour drive out to Phoenix.

Since then, we found out that Andrew was needed in Sacramento, CA for two weeks. He was told on Friday, May 13, and was gone by the following Tuesday. Everything moves quickly in this IM (interim management) program! So that's where AJ is currently.... Elk Grove, CA to be exact. He is assisting another interim manager who was in need of some major back up help because he had to let the majority of his kitchen staff go (long story there). Andrew has taken on the role of the kitchen trainer - training employees to prep food and run boards (where the food is assembled and packaged just before serving). If you ask Andrew, he would probably say that training in the kitchen isn't his forte, but he hopped on the plane last week and hasn't complained once since we've talked. He's a trooper and I admire him for that.

Next on the timeline? Phoenix, AZ! Andrew will zip home on June 2 then fly out by June 5 so he'll be ready to jump in first thing Monday morning. He will be at the Queen Creek FSU in AZ until the end of July.

Where does that leave me? At home with my parents, the dogs, and the Grace Church intern. Party at the Fowler's!

Andrew and I decided that two months wasn't worth a 30 hour drive with two dogs (one of which doesn't travel well)... just to live in a hotel. Plus, I don't even think the hotel allows dogs. But looking on the positive side, Andrew will earn enough Marriott hotel points to get us a free vacation. Hot dog!! I plan to fly out at some point to visit. I'm still counting on a hiking/camping trip to the Grand Canyon.

It will be difficult to be away from Andrew all summer. Lima Bean and I miss him already!

Thank goodness we can rest in the faithfulness of our Savior when the going gets tough.

"I will give thanks to you, O Lord, among the peoples; I will sing praises to you among the nations. For your steadfast love is great to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds." - Psalm 57:9-10

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