Thursday, May 5, 2011

We're back!

Well Andrew and I spent a good 24 hours in the car on Sunday and Monday, but we made it back to GA!

Thanks for the greeting GA. We're glad GA is on our mind (and that Nathan Deal is Gov!)

The drive went well. It started on a beautiful Sunday morning in Cheyenne at 7 am with 32 degree weather. With our car (over)loaded, we hit the road. We made it all the way to St. Louis, MO on Sunday - a whopping 14.5 hours. Whew. It was a looooooong day. Monday was only a 9 hour drive. Still long, but GA was on our mind.

Andrew did most of the driving.

Day one

Day two
While he drove, this is what the rest of the family did...

Yes, Ellie spent most of the time in my lap. Amos sat in the way too crowded back seat. Lima just did his growing/developing thing like always.

You remember when I mentioned our car was overloaded? I'll let you decide for yourself.

We were all happy to finally be home... even Lyla (the CRV).

Since we've been home, I've gotten myself a nice sun tan burn, Andrew has played any and every sport in his parent's front yard, we've been fishing, oh and Andrew even shot a snake in the lake. We've had good 'ol southern fun. :)

We're thankful to be home and that we made it safe and sound. At this point, we're trying to soak up the time here until we hit the road... again... for a 30 hour drive to Phoenix. Ahh!

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  1. You are welcomed to layover here in Houston if need be. Just text me :) It's 14 hours plus (probably plus for you momma to be :)