Monday, June 6, 2011

Change of plans... again.

Oh boy what a ride!

Technically, I should be writing this post to you from the lovely Resident's Inn in Phoenix, AZ.... but I'm not. I'm actually sitting at the snack bar in Andrew's parent's house. :)

Just a little recap: Andrew just returned from Sacramento, CA where he spent about 10-12 hours a day in a CFA kitchen helping train new employees. It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it and apparently Andrew was the guy for it. He flew back to ATL on Tuesday, May 31, where I picked him up from the airport at 12:15 am (I guess that means I picked him up on Wednesday, June 1?). Since then, we've been to another Lima Bean appt, soaked up some rays, gone for a bike ride, and celebrated both Andrew's g-mom's birthday AND my mom's.

On Thursday, as we were lounging by the pool (tough life, I know), we received a call from CFA Corporate informing AJ that he had been selected for a final interview for a CFA in Colorado Springs. (Did I mention to you guys that we've been in the running for a store in CO Springs that would become Andrew's permanently?). So, what does that mean? We postponed our Sunday afternoon flight to Phoenix from Sunday to Wednesday (for the fourth time!) and are now preparing ourselves for a day long interview at Corporate that starts at 9 am tomorrow - Tuesday, June 7. The interview includes both Andrew and me, and will consist of at least two major interviews, along with some quality sitting time on a blue couch. By the end of tomorrow, we will likely know if Andrew has been selected as the owner/operator of the store. If AJ isn't selected, then we will continue on with the IM program until further notice. I'll spare you more details until after the interview, depending on the outcome.

This is exciting news, my friends! If you think of us tomorrow, we ask that you say a little prayer for us... that God's will be done and that He, above all, be glorified.

I'll keep you posted on the outcome fo sho. :)

Love to all on this gloriously muggy GA day.

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