Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Late Birthday Mama!

My mama's birthday was last week - the day Andrew and I left for Phoenix.

We celebrated her bday the Saturday prior at Kate and Charles' place. We had a delicious steak dinner (thanks to Charles' grilling expertise) and a simple dessert... with two cakes. It was diversity day, so we had a white cake and a black cake. Ok not really, but I was craving chocolate, so I made an angel food cake (for strawberry shortcake) and a chocolate cake. :)

Two of my parent's closest friends - I will call them Peter and Jane - were staying with my parents for the week. It was such a pleasure to have them join us for the celebration!

My mom is without a doubt my closest friend. She just gets me, and that's cool. We share similar interests and we always have something to talk about. One of my biggest fears about moving away is not being able to spend time with her. I will miss her mucho.

I'm sorry it's late, but happy birthday Mama.

This is a blurry pic, but I love it anyway :)

I love you, Mama!

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