Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th with friends.

Andrew is still in Phoenix if you were wondering.

So I celebrated July 4th with the next best crowd... my parents and family friends!

We enjoyed a cookout at the Parker's. Burgers, beans, chips, and fruit...

Sorry it didn't focus well!

And you can't forget dessert! Ken Guy's famous pound cake and Jane's homemade peach ice cream. Sorry I couldn't control myself... this is all I got for proof...

The remnants :)
Besides pigging out, we enjoyed some good chats and vigorous games of bocce ball.

Please excuse the pregger's bad hair day.
Thank you Jane and Russ Parker for having the Fowler clan over. It was a delightfully relaxing evening.

The grill master

Unfortunately we weren't able to enjoy a grand fireworks show... rain got the best of the night. 

Hope you all enjoyed celebrating freedom!

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