Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lima Bean and other things.

Well it's technically time for my monthly Lima Bean update, but I haven't been to the doctor yet, so I thought I'd wait until then. I go this coming Tuesday, August 2.  I'm hoping to get an idea of how big our lil babe is and see if I could possibly get a few more pics printed out from the ultrasound.  We'll see how all that goes so be on the lookout for an update.

Nevertheless, I thought I'd let you all know that I have conquered two trimesters of my pregnancy thus far and have successfully made it through 3 weeks of my third trimester with seemingly no problems. I'm very thankful. Also... as of this weekend, I'll be 30 weeks! I can't believe how quickly time flies and that in as little as two months we might have our little Lima in our arms. Wowza!

In other news, Andrew starts FRL this coming Monday. FRL, or Fundamentals of Restaurant Leadership, is a 5-week course that all newly selected CFA owner/operators have to go through before they are officially handed over the reigns of their designated store. During this class, AJ will live down in Peachtree City at the Dolce and go back and forth to CFA Corporate for classroom lectures and hands on training. If you think of Andrew over the course of the next month, feel free to offer up a little prayer for him... that he will be able to understand and retain all of the info that will be thrown at him and that he will be encouraged and prepared to embark on his own as the operator of the Citadel Mall CFA.

Well that's all for now my friends. Here's a little video of Andrew and his sister while she was visiting us in Cheyenne... just for kicks. Happy Thursday to you all!

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