Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Days well spent.

So what does a hard working man do on his days off from FRL?

He helps his wife refinish a $3 beat up chair from Goodwill!

 Before sanding and painting. 
After sanding and painting.

And what does that same wife do during the week while the husband works so hard? Well different things (some of which I will post later, as I haven't gotten pics of the projects I've been working on)... yesterday was filled with fun times with Mom. We took a trip in to Atlanta to check out a fabric boutique of sorts called Whipstitch

LOVE the gray and turquoise prints. 

The fabrics I purchased for a particular project in the making.

Once we got home, homemade cinnamon raisin bread was made and then I worked on finishing up some cloth baby wipes I've been making. 

Mom is the bread making guru.

More of this later.

I'm almost finished with the projects I keep talking about. I'll post some pics of those by the end of the week!

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