Friday, August 26, 2011

Projects completed.

I'm happy to say that I've made some more progress on a few of my projects from my to-do list!

Here's the ruffled wreath I completed. It will be my fall decoration for our new place... possibly my one and only fall decoration. :)

Find the tutorial here.

Also, I finished up the pinwheel bib. I made two... very similar, but useful nonetheless.

Lastly, I made Lima Bean's pillow from Granny's toile fabric. Now LB will always have a way to think of Andrew's grandmother.

Forgive the quality of pictures. I took all of these on my phone.

Andrew is in Waco, TX right now. He arrived Wednesday evening and will be back on Sunday. When we spoke on the phone last night, he seemed very encouraged by all of the help/advice the operator was giving him. He told me he arrived at the store by 10 am and they didn't finish up meeting until 7 pm! It seems they had a lot to talk about. Today they are going to be discussing finances and taxes. Man does that sound boring fun. Is it bad that I'm glad it's Andrew in Texas and not me? What a man!

I hope you all are looking forward to the weekend. I certainly am!

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