Friday, August 12, 2011


Well I'm not finished with my projects. My goal was to be done by this weekend, but (as lazy as it might sound) even without a full-time job, I can't seem to finish my daily to-do lists.

Nevertheless, I thought I'd share with you some of the fun things I've done. 

Have you heard of Jones Design Company? I wish I could say it was my own company, but sadly it is not. I don't have much creativity running through my blood, so I have to steal it away like a mosquito on a GA's summer night (gross?). Jones Design Company is one of my favorite blogs to follow for some good 'ol DIY inspiration. Check her out. She's super cool.

Of her brilliant DIY projects, here are a few I've attempted to do myself. *Note: the words in black are links to the original tutorial. Click on the link to get the how-to.

Ruffle pillow:

One of our guest rooms will have black furniture in it with a white/gray duvet. I wanted to add some accent pillows so I decided to make a couple. On the tutorial, she lets the ruffles ravel. I preferred a cleaner look, so I closed the up the ruffles with a seam.

Hair Clips:

These are salon style hair clips covered with ribbon... simple idea but I would've never made the effort without a little tutorial. I just hope Lima Bean has hair! :)

Fabric and Satin Flowers:

Flowered beanies for Lima Beanie. I think Lima will wear the little pink one home from the hospital.

The other pillow I made and then embellished with fabric flowers.

Here's the complete set of pillows for the guest bedroom...

- Cloth wipes (not a Jones Design Co idea, but from my friend, Jessica, in Cheyenne):

I know, I know... Impractical and silly to some. Since I'm going to be at home most of the time, however, I thought I'd try my hand in a little "going green" practices. Plus, if I'm trying cloth diapers, why not throw wipes in the wash along with the diapers?

I still have four projects on deck. Three I've started but have yet to complete. Hopefully all four will be done before the end of August. Check out my to-do/am-doing list:

- A really cute banner for Lima Bean's room. Pictures will follow.

- I've almost finished this ruffle wreath. When we get out to Colorado, I'd like to have something to hang up on the door immediately so it feels a little more like home regardless of all the other chaos that will be going on around us (like having a baby). Here's hoping mine will look like this!

- Mom and Dad are letting me have the old rocker that we used when I was a baby (it walks and creaks so it's not that much of a treasure except for the memories) so I've begun a pillow to put on the rocker. Just envision vintage pink toile from Andrew's grandmother's fabric collection on a square pillow with ruffles all around the edges. As my mother-in-law advised: every room should include some sort of toile. I'm following her advice in Lima Bean's room.

- Last but not least, the project I haven't started but hope to do soon... the Pinwheel Bib from Lemon Tree Creations (another inspirational blog).

I just love this bib! Plus, it appears to be within my sewing abilities. :)

Well that's that! So if you were wondering what a preggo does with her down time... now you know.

On to more delicious (and possibly more interesting) things. I want to make this "Peach Cobbler for One (or two if you're nice)." YUM-O!

It's the weekend! Enjoy.Ok folks that's all for now. I hope this has inspired you and made you feel a wee bit crafty.

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