Thursday, September 22, 2011

Colorado Happenings.

I decided I should give you guys an update about what life is like out here in the wild west. :)

Since our moving help left last week (Mama and Ryan), Andrew and I have continued to unpack. Most rooms are completely set up excluding pics on the walls - the guest rooms, baby room, family room, kitchen, dining room.  The two rooms that still need TLC are the master bedroom and office. Our bedroom is a work in progress because we just ordered some new furniture, so there's not much we can do until the furniture arrives... next week. We've pretty much just outlined our bedroom with boxes. I'm thinking we could possibly start a new design look!

Other than packing, I've been taking a daily walk in efforts to acclimate to the altitude before delivery and running errands. That's about it for me. Ha!

Andrew, on the other hand, has been fortunate enough to have two pretty great adventures. The current IM, Mike, (the dude who is running the CFA until Andrew's official start date next Saturday, Oct. 1) has become good friends with a gentleman here in the Springs who has taken him on a few fishing type excursions. Well last Thursday, Mike and Stan invited Andrew to come along on a fly fishing trip. I don't have any pics from the trip, but Andrew said he had a great time. He successfully caught two rainbow trout, but they weren't worth saving. As time goes on, Andrew plans on getting out there a little more so he can master the rivers.

This past Monday, Andrew and Mike went for another adventure. They hiked the Devil's Playground, which is a 4-mile hike to the summit of Pike's Peak... it's a tough hike, but beautiful (so I was told). Andrew said they had a blast! Below are a few pics - AJ is in orange and Mike is in yellow.

Some of what they had to hike/climb.

From that spot over to the snowy spot in the upper right (the summit) took about an hour... the distance is so deceiving!

An AJ classic :)

They made it!

View from the top - 26 degrees!
I'm so glad Andrew was able to get a couple of adventures in before work starts. I'm sad I wasn't able to join them on the hike, but Lima Bean probably wouldn't have appreciated the hike OR the altitude!

In other news, Andrew and I are slowly meeting people. We've  met two of our neighbors - one of which stopped by yesterday with a jar of freshly made Chicken Enchilada Soup (yes, it's soup weather out here - the high yesterday was 65). Also, we've met a family of friends back home who stopped by with a goodie/survival basket for us the Saturday we arrived. That was a welcomed treat! Mike, the IM, has been over a couple of times for dinner and will be joining us again tonight. Last night we had dinner with Stan (who took AJ and Mike fly fishing) and his wife, Barbara, in their home. We are already considered family and she calls herself my second mom. :) We had elk steaks for dinner - something new for me - and it was delicious! I think we will definitely be good friends. Lastly, my good friend from Cheyenne stopped by for an afternoon visit on Tuesday. It was so nice to catch up! I got to see her little baby boy for the first time since we left Cheyenne, and he is now almost 7 months old AND adorable.

As for churches, we've visited one church the past two Sundays and plan on visiting another this Sunday - Springs Reformed Church, which is RPCNA. I'm not too familiar with RPCNA, but Ross, Grace's summer intern, gave us the name of his friends who attend. I've been in contact with them, and we plan on meeting them when we go to the church Sunday. I'm looking forward to the service as well as meeting another couple.

Well I guess that's it for now. I'm going to put on my walking shoes and get my daily waddle in then it's off to more organizing! I'm starting to feel the need for a new project... some sort of sewing something or other. Any ideas are welcomed!

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  1. I'm so happy that things are going so well for you guys, I loved all the pics!! Praying that your doctors appointment went well today!