Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week 10.

Some of you might be curious about Lima Bean's appearance in this week's photo... the seemingly cumbersome brace. Well at her very first doctor's appointment, we were told that she might have hip dysplasia. As much as I didn't want her to have to deal with this (or us, quite frankly), I wasn't terribly concerned because I too had had hip dysplasia and I knew it was a pretty easy fix. At seven weeks, she had an ultrasound done confirming that she did in fact have double hip dysplasia. Bummer. So what does that mean? While we wait for LB's hip joints to form in place, we get to tote her around in that not-so-soft or comfy brace 23 hours a day, seven days a week for six weeks (at least).

"This too shall pass," my mantra pertaining to all things unpleasant about motherhood (which isn't many) still rings true! I am thankful that we can fix this now, especially before LB goes mobile, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't counting down the weeks. I wish we could just cuddle her close without getting bruised. "This too shall pass." I wish she could fit in her swing so I could have some hands free time during the day. "This too shall pass." I wish she could kick those chubby little legs around when she's happy. "This too shall pass." I wish my mommy were here to give me a hug and tell me, "this too shall pass."

Lima Bean has been in the brace for one week now, and it seems like she is starting to adjust - hence the happy face in her pic. The first few days consisted of more crying than all of her former cries combined and some sleepless nights for Andrew and me. I'm glad we've conquered that first week! I'd like to think each week should get easier. Either way, "this too shall pass!" And it's a good thing LB loves to stare at fans... she's going to get a lot of quality time staring at the fans in our house. :)

My mom always reminds me to quote Scripture when I start to let negative thoughts enter my mind. One verse I love to quote is Psalm 126:3, "The Lord has done great things for us; we are glad." Let's just say this verse has been running through my mind nonstop the last week!

If you think of us over the next few weeks, pray for sweet little Lima Bean - for comfort and healing.

Here are a few other pics just for fun...

A rear view of the brace

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  1. We will definitely be praying for yall! Becca and Mark's girl Ansley also has hip displasia. She was in a canvas type harness (looks like LB's) for 6 weeks, went back and she is still not completely healed, so they put her in a firm plastic one until Jan 3. I am sure she'd be up for talking if you ever need someone to share with that is experiencing the same thing!