Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The 18th Week.

You might notice a few changes to the blog... the photos up top have been updated, as well as a little photo blurb of Lima Bean added to the side.

I've been preparing for a new recipe post - it took 10 days to prepare. Any guesses what it might be?? I should have it up by tomorrow. :)


  1. Friendship Cake????????? (MyTy's guess)

  2. First of all, a larger sized onesie might be in order before week 19! She is growing so fast!! And getting cuter by the minute! I can hardly wait until she comes for her visit in a few weeks. I think I'm scheduled to play piano the Sunday she's baptized, so I'm going to stash kleenex with my music. As far as what you're preparing, I know one thing: if it takes a week to prepare, I won't be cooking it! btw, My Rachel Ray "Five-Spice Beef" crockpot recipe was not worth the trouble. sigh. But tomorrow night is "Rose Norton's crockpot Roast," and it is a delicious, never fails recipe. Looking forward to seeing y'all soon! Cynthia