Monday, January 9, 2012

Howdy GA!

So I realized I did not share some information with all of my blog cronies... Andrew, Lima Bean, and I are in GA!!!

It has been such a wonderful trip. We arrived late Thursday - 11:54 p.m. if I'm not mistaken. We head home on Wednesday, which is just too soon.

Here are a few photos of our trip thus far...

Right when we arrived at the airport.

 We surprised Grandmother and Grandaddy when we got in... at 1 a.m.!

 We surprised Pops at work the next day!

 Such a little goober :)

 Tuckered out.

 Auntie Rach came home after her basketball game to see Lima Bean.

Meeting Maw Maw, her great-great grandmother, for the first time

 Maw Maw and Lima Bean

Five generations - Maw Maw, Grandmother, GranDude, Daddy, and Lima Bean

Lima Bean LOOOOOVES Grandmother

 Pops and LB

Four generations - Gran, Pops, Mommy, and Lima Bean

 Mimi and Lima Bean reading.

 Lima Bean loves to read

 LB going for a walk.

 Happy baby looking at Daddy

More to follow later. :)

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