Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our trip home.

First off... the few photos I took at Seminar.

Cool lighting and such during the general sessions.

Our host for the evening - Jason Kennedy! (I didn't know who he was - apparently he's a famous Entertainment Tonight host)

Martina McBride!

Andrew and Daniel - lifelong friends

Fellow operator buddies - Scott, Caleb, and Wayne

A dear friend - LeLe (Scott's wife)

Berry friends - Ruthie, Dorothy, and Rachel

Rachel Cathy - a sweet friend I met at Camp Winshape many years ago!

Scott chose to play golf instead of go to Universal Studios... so LeLe came along with us for some roller coaster riding!

My lady friends - LeLe, April, Rachel, and Brooke. I wish I lived closer to ALL of these gals.

So there were these really odd balloon decorations... leave it to Andrew, Scott, and Darrell to go crazy :)

Next up: HOME!

LB and Pops

James "Logan" Fowler

Cora, Mary, and Dorn


Watching something on the computer

Henry loves his Uncle Andrew

Lima Bean and MyTy swinging

Tuckered out from all of the fun

The whole family (minus Charles)

Auntie Rach


Henry is in to a caveman style smile lately :) 

The ladies - Mary, Carla, and Cora

Mimi and Logan

Logan and his mommy

Snuggle buddies

Pops and Logan

GranDude keeping LB happy

At the airport - headed back home in CO

Next up: Lima Bean's Baptism

LB wore the gown I was baptized in - a gown my grandmother smocked

Our family with Pastor Jon
She had a wardrobe change due to a lovely blowout

Auntie Lauren came for support - and for LB to sample her scarf

Last but not least: Ryan's Bday!

Making sure he looked dapper for his photo :)

The best bakery in the world - Boonzaaijer's

Ryan's birthday dessert of choice - apple streusel

And the other dessert of choice - the best fruit tart EVER! 
(they were out of personal sizes so we just bought the big one) Hehe.

Well that's it for now. We are slowly getting back in to the swing of things here in CO. LB is still on GA time, which is wearing me out, but hopefully we'll be back on track within the next week or so. Until then, I'll be snagging as much shut eye as I can while she naps!

Happy weekend to you all.

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  1. I loved your post, Anne! It's so wonderful to see the sweet pictures of your growing extended family! I can imagine that your parents' house was 'hopping'. Fun, fun! I enjoy your posts! Thanks for the updates! :)