Sunday, March 25, 2012

A little this. A little that.

Last Sunday afternoon, we went with our BFFs to Seven Falls. It was a nice Sunday afternoon adventure. Would I ever do it again with a 6 month old baby? Negatory. Probably not the safest thing... to take a baby up 224 steep stairs, but we know now!

Last week, Andrew and I made this pasta from the Pioneer Woman. It was A-mazing (surprise, surprise).

{photo compliments of Pioneer Woman}

Yesterday, we went for another little adventure... just a nice drive to Woodland Park. We stopped on the way for these:

Emmie didn't get any peanuts, but she got the next best thing:

Can't really complain when this is your view the whole ride.

After our drive, Andrew and Mike went out for a little more action... this is a result of their fun:

I had other things in mind. A new spring wreath!


Well that's all for now. Happy Sunday!

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  1. How I love all the pics on Chikin Chatter! Boiled peanuts in Colorado?! -- hope lives for Southern cuisine! Do y'all have a backpack in which to carry Emmie? We used ours all the time when our boys were little and then with our grandson. Heard you'll be coming our way soon -- can hardly wait. Have you found a church home yet? Praying for y'all. Happy Pre-Birthday Week! Love, ccc