Thursday, April 5, 2012

Don't mess with sleeping baby.

I went in to check on Lima Bean last night, and this is what I found...

When I tried to move her snuggle buddy, she woke up, reached up for it, and pulled it right back down where it was.

What a goofball. :)

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  1. Except for the "it looks like she'll suffocate" aspect, that is too, too cute! You need to brighten things up with some color; that crib is kinda drab. btw, Jim has always slept with a pillow over his face. Don't tell Joe. He'll say it's so, if Jim wakes during the night, he won't see me and be frightened. So happy to see y'all tonight. Hope I get to visit with y'all before you head back. Love you, Cynthia