Friday, May 25, 2012

Total Tourists.

Andrew's car was in the shop on Tuesday, so we decided to take the day for ourselves. Lunch at Rudy's BBQ, a visit to the Olympic Training Center, and a successful trip to Costco. What a day!

Our visit to the Olympic Training Center was quite informative and fascinating. We had a nice, hot day - a record high of 90 degrees - for our mostly outdoor tour. It's been a while since we've experienced such a warm day... and we loved it!

We were able to walk all around the complex with our tour guide, Mike. He is pictured here with LB and me. He is a paralympic swimmer. In Beijing, he won a gold medal for the 100 meter freestyle and a bronze (but I can't remember for which event). He was very nice... and I'm pretty sure Lime Bean had a little something for him. :)

We met this guy too (the one on the right)... Rulon Gardner, a former wrestler.

Walking down the main corridor of the complex during the tour.

Here is one of the practice gyms. In this gym, the athletes can do anything from gymnastics and judo to basketball and volleyball. It is nicely air conditioned, has over 40 foot high ceilings (for volleyball), and has cameras all around so the athletes can film themselves practicing. The gym can hold 3,000 people. It was huge! 

On the tour...

Blurry tourists... 

Sunglasses and babies don't mix... they're either getting pulled off or knocked over. :)

Anyone want to come tour the Olympic Training Center? I recommend it. If so, I'm pretty sure I know of a place where you can stay!

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