Friday, July 20, 2012

Broken Hearted.

Ugh it's been a tough day for me. I try not to do too much venting or complaining here (who wants to read about a debbie-downer, right?) but today I have a heavy heart.

It started on Wednesday when Chick-fil-A began getting attacked for Dan Cathy's statement on gay marriage. There's an article here that might give you a little more information if you are unaware of the situation. To sum it up, Mr. Cathy stated that CFA believes in the biblical definition of a family unit and opposes gay marriage.

Oh boy... did this open up a can of worms for CFA - especially operators! Now I support Mr. Cathy whole heartedly. Call me crazy, but I believe Chick-fil-A, as a privately owned company, has every right to believe whatever they like. That's the benefit of America, right? What happened to freedom of speech or religion? Wasn't that what the Founding Fathers wanted for America?

Please be praying for Chick-fil-A. Pray that the Lord would bless them for not wavering on what they believe is biblical. Ultimately, as Christians, that is what we are called to do, right?

Be praying especially for our dear friends Daniel and Rachel Mitchell who own a Chick-fil-A right outside of Boston. To say that they are going to be encountering some boycotting is a likely understatement. The Boston mayor even made a statement that he vows to keep Chick-fil-A out of the city.

On top of that, add a horrific shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, CO. You can check out the story here. A foolish 24 year old kid decided to go nuts in a crowded, late night movie - killing at least 12 and wounding over 50 last night. Why does someone do something so devastating? Who does that boy think he is? Sin is rampant in our world, and it is sickening.

Truly my heart just hurts today. Let us come together to pray for our country. Pray for salvation of America. Pray for hearts to be turned to Christ - our gracious Savior, our loving Father, our mighty King.

On a side note, however, guess who provided meals to the police officers working on the shooting case in Aurora at 5 a.m. today?


Funny, huh?


  1. Wow. I will be praying for Daniel and Rachel and the whole Chick-fil-a family. It is ironic that Chick-fil-a is going to be providing the meals for the police officers. Amazing.

  2. So sad about what has been going on in Colorado as well as with Chick-fil-a. I am hoping that Chick-fil-a will continue to experience growth in spite of this attack.I will also be remembering Rachel and Daniel.

  3. Thank you for thinking of us and praying for us, Anne! We were concerned with the response as everyone has been, but the mayor of Boston kind of made it a little bit more hostile in our area. I think since we are not very well known up here (only 3 mall stores), the response actually hasn't been so bad since we don't have very much brand awareness. The same amount of people that "unliked" our Facebook fan page also "liked" us this last week and no nasty comments have been posted. A few customers have asked questions and were understanding of Daniel's response ... a very few just saying things to be mean. And what was funny about the Boston mayor's comments were that out of the 100+ responses to the online article, only 1 supported the mayor and the rest said it was ridiculous to say that Boston is the most inclusive city and then say that he was going to try his hardest to exclude. I honestly just pray that this will start more conversations instead of fights. But I hope the worst has passed and that our service mentality shines through the muck. Just pray for our words and actions to be pleasing to the Lord. Galatians 6 talks about putting on the armor of God and in times like this it makes the most sense! :) We love you guys!