Monday, August 27, 2012


Hi there! Happy Monday :)

I've had a few people ask what music LB and I were listening to while waiting in the car for Andrew. It is a fabulous CD called "Rain for Roots." I highly recommend it for all of you moms out there with young kids. You can purchase the CD here.

In other news, I was trying to upload my photos from my phone on to my computer. I successfully uploaded them (so I thought), just to find out that not only had the pictures not uploaded, I had lost all of them!!!!!! AGH! I have been fuming. Anyone experience this and possibly discover a way to recover the photos? Advice/suggestions are certainly happily received. The negative aspect to using my phone as my camera is... well... I no longer have any of Lima Bean's photos from the first year of her life. Lovely.

Speaking of Lima Bean, she is 11 months old today! Yeeeeeehaw!

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