Thursday, August 2, 2012


Can somebody say "Eat mor chikin"??

Yesterday, Chick-fil-A was bombarded with raving fans nationwide.  Regardless of where people stand on the whole gay marriage debate, what an honor it is was to be able to serve a community that supports CFA. Andrew's desire is to exceed the expectations of every guest during every visit. Although yesterday was a mad house, Andrew's team did just that. They excelled in giving their customers good food and quality service. Props to a hard working, dependable team!

In other news, our friends, Carter and Amanda, are in town for a few days. Yay for friends!  In the midst of the craziness yesterday, Andrew pulled away for just a minute so we could chow down on some delicious Rudy's barbecue. Yehaw!

 The creator of the girlfriend pose. :)

Tonight we're headed up to Denver for a Rockies game. Carter and Amanda are trying to attend all the Major League baseball stadiums. Check out their blog of experiences thus far here.

Let's go Rockies! (and Braves, of course)

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