Friday, October 5, 2012

The day our baby turned ONE!

Lima Bean's birthday began like any other day... waking up with beautiful bed head.

She came in to the kitchen and saw her birthday celebration right away - including her very own chair!

She had LOTS of presents to open thanks to the grandparents. :)

My friend Nicole sent Lima Bean some really neat blocks so she had a little playtime before the big present opening event began.

The official present opening event was upon us at that point so we got her dressed in her birthday get-up.

Raggedy Ann(e) and Andy from MyTy and GranDude.

So many presents!

Tea set from Mimi and Pops and a book from MyTy and GranDude.

From Andrew and me, Lima Bean received her very own mailbox with letters in it and a basket with bean bags numbered 1-10.

A figurine from my grandmother - Mary and her little lamb.

A special hanky from my grandmother for LB.

Pretty smocked dress from Mimi. 

Then it was cupcake time!

LB's bib from Mimi.

Before the mess began...

Not sure what to think at first.

I think she likes it!

Water break....

She ate it all! (Surprise, surprise). ;)

Then it was bath time.

After it was all said and done, she played for the rest of the day and the night ended in her grandmother's arms. :)

I think Lima Bean had a very fun day. It was certainly special for us and will always be a memory I cherish. I'm so thankful that our moms were here to celebrate. Happy happy birthday Lima Bean!


  1. What a fun and colorful first birthday for Emmie. Everything looked so cute. Loved her first birthday outfit with the pinwheels and the mailbox and bean bags were so creative. So sweet!

  2. I cannot believe what a perfect mix of you and Andrew, Emmie is. So precious! Happy Birthday, from GA!