Sunday, March 10, 2013

Abiding in the Word.

"There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit."

Isaiah 11:1

Working very hard.

Lima Bean loves her baby doll.

Folks we have a problem... she loooooves to be close to the T.V.  I pull her back all. the. time.

Enjoying some warmer weather last week... even though there was snow on the ground!

AJ had the opportunity to go skiing last week with his friend, Alex, who was visiting from GA.

Alex and his patriotic get-up.

Who needs toys when you have a strainer?

Getting cozied up for some reading time.

Lima Bean likes to get behind the couch to play with the blinds. I don't find it quite as amusing. Haha!

Amos, who isn't allowed on the couch, loses his self-control on a regular basis thanks to bustling apartment living.

Yesterday we had another big snow. We were stuck inside ALL day, so we watched the movie "Wreck-It Ralph." This was the first time Lima Bean showed much interest in an animated film. She was quite funny to watch!

Lima Bean is such a lady she prefers to use a fork when eating Cheetos. 

And speaking of being a lady, Lima Bean insisted on wearing these gloves... regardless of being in a diaper. A refined lady always has her gloves, right?

For Andrew's birthday, we celebrated with stuffed french toast for breakfast. It was yummy (if I say so myself).

Our typical attempt to get Lima Bean to smile at the camera. Someone is rarely cooperative these days.

Lima Bean giving Daddy his card.

My deconstructed stuffed french toast (and yes, excluding the bites that Lima Bean ate, I cleaned my plate.)

We met Andrew's cousin, Ryan, in downtown Littleton (close to Andrew's new store) for lunch at Merle's. We had a delicious meal - even Lima Bean enjoyed a delicious cheese quesadilla and fresh fruit (oh and a "big girl" cup).

We stopped in to Dick's Sporting Goods (what guy doesn't like visiting a sporting goods store on his birthday?).

Andrew's team in the Springs surprised Andrew with an ice cream cake and a really cute DVD of some of his team doing "The Office" scenes. It was incredibly thoughtful of them and quite hilarious! March 30th is Andrew's last day in the store, so the cake was a birthday/bon voyage combo. I know Andrew will miss his team!

Lima Bean's birthday card to her daddy. She even signed it all by herself.

Lima Bean was cracking up at Andrew pretending to blow his nose into the paper towel.

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