Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day!

I hope you all enjoyed your labor-less holiday. Even Mr. Andrew Jones took the WHOLE day off today. I kept waiting for him to say, "well, it's time for me to go in to work..." but those sad words were never spoken. I was delighted, as were the girls.

Outside of a grocery run for me and a quick visit to the driving range for Andrew, we just took it easy as a family. We ended the day with delicious bison burgers that we loaded up with cheddar, homemade BBQ sauce, fried onion "petals" (as Andrew, the fry master, called them), and bacon. Yes, it was very unhealthy, I understand, but we clearly didn't care. :)

Lima Bean and I have been doing some coloring lately. To say that she gets in to her coloring is an understatement. This girl takes it very seriously... and I have no idea when she decided that lounging across our dinner table became acceptable. Hehe. :) You'll see what I mean....

I've been cooking a few new recipes lately. This was delicious... sesame orange chicken. It's from a new cookbook I have, "Against All Grain." I HIGHLY recommend it. It's an amazing cookbook. I've made her chocolate chip cookies, which are grain/gluten-, dairy-, and refined sugar- free. You'd think that the cookies would be gross, but they're awesome! Buy the book. You won't regret it.

I'm not gonna lie... the love our daughter has for technology is rather concerning. What is happening here?!

Visit from one of my dearest friends ever!

And the coloring begins...

One must make it a point to always hydrate while participating in an activity that is overly demanding - like coloring.

Someone took a fall and cut her lip pretty badly. Poor girl. A little ice and "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" made it all better. 

And she's at it again...

 Daddy tracing LB's hand. 

She even works into the night.

Oh and she is totally infatuated with all things Mickey Mouse. Notice the very hard MM bank on her left? She insists on sleeping with it.

When Andrew pulls a 13 hr day at the store, I treat myself to GF waffles smothered in peanut butter, Nutella, and bananas. I'm not ashamed.

 Soaking in the beauty of the hydrangeas. This girl knows how to make a mama (who is almost incapable of keeping anything alive) very happy.

Watching Daddy mow...

And telling him he missed a spot.

Firecracker giving her moral support while Daddy mows and Mama waters the flowers.

Now telling Mama she missed a spot watering. ;)

Our hydrangea bloom. So pretty!

This girl. (sigh).

And THIS girl... no words.

Enjoy this short week!!


  1. Love your hydrangeas!! They are such a pretty flower. And I think it's the greatest that Lima Bean just sprawls across the table to get her coloring done. What fun!

  2. ok... i laughed out LOUD at the last video! :) so cute!!