Monday, January 27, 2014

Anybody Out There?!

Hi cronies. Wow, has it been a busy two months for us! Christmas and colds, among other things, have left this family worn out and in need of a good break.

But I'm back and feeling ready to blog! I apologize for the hiatus. I truly had no energy, and the free time that I've had has been spent resting.

Since the last time we chatted, Firecracker has had two monthly pictures pass us by, and both Firecracker and Lima Bean are growing like weeds. Firecracker has two prominent lower teeth, but no others are showing their ugly teething faces yet. She crawls everywhere. Firecracker is definitely our "drama queen," in that she has higher highs and lower lows than Lima Bean has. Where Lima Bean didn't really have crying fits or temper tantrums, Firecracker will be sitting down and throw herself forward to the ground to cry. It's quite comical, actually. On the other hand, Firecracker is much more vocal and "bubbly" throughout the day. Both, however, are very sweet and overall happy girlies.

Lima Bean is changing so much. She is starting to have complete conversations with us. I love to see her little brain working overtime. We try to have some form of art/craft time each week, whether it be coloring, painting, playing with Play-doh, etc. It seems like she is going to enjoy art as she gets older, because, even now, she is thrilled for craft time. We just started going to Kindermusik. (Have you heard of it?) More or less, it is a child development class that focuses on music, instruments, and movement. It has been quite fun. Even Firecracker seems to enjoy the class.

Christmas was spent in CO this year. Sadly, Lima Bean had a miserable cold (possibly a small case of the flu?). She slept most of the day away. Nevertheless, we opened presents, had a yummy breakfast, and enjoyed a relaxing family day. Then Lima Bean lovingly decided to pass the virus on to me, who I lovingly passed on to Firecracker. Luckily, Andrew made it out safely. Overall, as a family, we were sick for over three weeks. Ahh! We are praising God that we made it out on the other side in one piece.

I don't really think there's much more to share as of now. Enjoy the plethora of photos to get you all caught up on our crazy, beautiful, {slightly?} messy life!

"Alright, enough already Mama!"

Coming down on Christmas morning for the first time.

"Say cheese!" 

Christmas tree decorating with friends.

Lima Bean's masterpiece.

How Lima Bean spent her Christmas day...

 Nine Months

Look who can stick out her tongue!

Still sick. Poor thing!!

Little sister trying to cheer up big sister.

Good morning!

A ski day getaway!

Unfortunately, our friend tore her (already torn and repaired) ACL toward the end of the day. Andrew helping getting her geared up for the ride down the mountain.

Time to lower the crib!

Daddy to the rescue!

She was glued to the TV.

With Daddy's Broncos hat on her head... Lima Bean says, "Go Broncos!" 

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  1. Some of these photos made me laugh out loud!!!

    Love you silly girls.