Tuesday, February 18, 2014

10 Months.

Happy TEN months Miss Firecracker.

She is a CRAWLER and a MOVER!

Why hello there!

Sometimes you just have to go find things in the middle of breakfast.

Pantry party.

Lima Bean playing with my childhood cradle.

Lima Bean put Firecracker's hat on her... almost got it!

Lima Bean asked Daddy to get her some cashews.... and this is what she got!

A very nice block tower.

Too cool.

We've had some really pleasant weather the past few days. Wahoo!

It was a no clothes tea party kind of night...

Warming up by the fire after her tea party.

There are no words....

Our future artist. I asked Lima Bean to draw me a circle. I'm so proud. :)

A family walk.

Blurry morning snuggles.

Reading time!

Looks like we're ready to go see the GA gang! 

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