Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Fun So Far.

Hi all. It's still snowing here, and COLD (-10 this morning). Brrrr!

Lima Bean took it upon herself to display her beautiful work of art.

Just a typical morning for us... the parents trying to get a few more zzzzzz's in before the day starts!

She can't stay away from the snow... even in church clothes.

Helping daddy clear the driveway.

"Mommy, look!"

Firecracker is thrilled that she doesn't have to help shovel the driveway.

Check out those lashes!

They are becoming inseparable.

She sticks that tongue out all the time these days.

Sometimes when you're in a pinch to finish up dinner, you do what you have to do to keep the babe happy... dinner on the floor. 

It was so cold today that biscuits were a must-have.

Sometimes you have to eat your soup... in a pot... in a basket... ?

I'm really not trying to brag, I'm just impressed... Lima Bean completed this whole book with hardly any help!

It's hump day! Wahoo!! Cue hump day dance... (whatever that is)...

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