Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blizzard warning

Last weekend, we had our first blizzard warning... and a blizzard we had. 

Ok, so maybe it really wasn't a blizzard in Cheyenne terms, but for a G.R.I.T.S. gal like me, it was definitely a blizzard. On Friday, Dec. 31, we had a high of 0 degrees, but with the windchill, it was -25 degrees. NOT cool. :)

The worst part was the insane wind. On Friday, I decided to brave the crazy weather and jog up to our little workout room at the front of the complex. Well in the 1/10 of a mile that I had to go, I thought I might not survive. Hahaha!  With the wind blowing snow in my face, preventing me from being able to see 2 steps in front of me, I tramped (and fell) through the snow. I made it to the workout room just to find 2 feet of snow blocking the door. I inched the door open and frantically squeezed my way through. The journey back wasn't any better... as a matter of fact, it was even more of a battle. But hey, I got my workout in for the day! Was it worth it? Questionable.

Here are a few pics of the snow around our complex...

Snow standing upright at our front door 

A small drift in our breezeway

Snow everywhere!

A snow drift on the sidewalk - about 2 ft deep - not fun when having to take dogs out

Playing in the snow
I wish I could take a picture of the wind. Not until you experience the wind in Cheyenne for yourself, will you understand the significance of its strength. It is CRAZY!!

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