Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Walking in a winter wonderland

Yesterday, Andrew and I (and the pups) had the privilege of joining our friends, the Sackett family (and their cousins - Thomas and Charles Shields), to go snowshoeing.  We had a blast!  We drove out Happy Jack Road - west of Cheyenne about 35 min - to the Summit Trailhead. When we started out, our elevation was 8,640 ft.... after 4 1/2 miles of snowshoeing - yes, I said 4 1/2 miles - we had reached over 9,000 ft. We were pretty tired when we finished, but it is such an invigorating activity. It was magnificent to be surrounded by beautiful snow and Aspen trees. And the weather couldn't have been better.... sunny, blue skies, and 15 degrees with very little wind. 

The dogs LOVED it. They were able to go off-leash, so they ran and ran and ran. Unfortunately, towards the end of our hike, we were having problems keeping the snow from getting clumped in their paws. In the future, the pups will probably have to have their own little pair of snow shoes. :)

When we finished our little excursion, we piled in to the car and headed back to the Air Force Base, where we had dinner at the Sackett's. We had comforting chili, delicious red wine, and piping hot Rooibos tea with Christmas cookies. We all sat around the table for over an hour talking and sharing laughs. It couldn't have been a better day. 

Another memorable day goes down in the books for the Jones' family in the windy city of Cheyenne.

Starting out the hike

Andrew, Susan, and the pups leading the way

Thomas and Charles Shields

Towards the end of our hike... the sun starting to set

Our family

The gang minus Andrew (the photographer)

The view

Look how far out you can see - beautiful

Smile AJ!

The dogs loving it

Sun setting

We made it!
Tired pups :)

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  1. So glad we did this! It was a lot of fun and i hope we can see you guys again and try something less exhausting ;-)