Monday, January 31, 2011

CFA Par-tay.

Yesterday, Andrew and I hosted a party for all of the Frontier Mall CFA employees. We rented out the leasing office from our apt building for the afternoon. We had about 20 people come (almost the whole gang), and we sat around eating snacks, playing board games and the Wii, and exchanging gifts (yes, we are aware that it is the end of January...). It seemed as if fun was had by all. Andrew and I were pooped by the end and were glad when we were cozied up in our apartment with our furry friends.

Here are just a few pics... I'm afraid I'm lacking in the picture dept from the evening.

The snacks

Anya, the night manager, made this cake :)

Alishia, another manager, was in charge of the gift exchange

Battle of the sexes - AJ's favorite game... my least. ;)

Well that's seriously it. Sad, huh? Not many pics, but the party was fun.

Next post... Sledding!

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