Monday, January 31, 2011


At the end of every month, Andrew has to do inventory at the store. He goes in late on inventory days, because he has to stay late. What to do with spare time? Go sledding!

Andrew and I drove out Happy Jack Road to some old ski slopes that are now available for sledding and other shenanigans.  We had a blast... maybe slightly bumped and bruised, but it was fun fun fun.

Snowy trees

Part of the slope we went down - yes you had to hike up to the top

The usual

Post-sledding... brrr it was cold!
Beautiful snowflakes on the windshield 

More snowflakes on the windshield - I just love it!

For your viewing pleasure...

If you're wondering about my heavy panting... hahaha... it's because I just finished hiking up the hill. 

Note Andrew's commentary as I'm sledding. That is probably the funniest part :)

In regards to the "wipeout, major wipeout," this particular hill had little jumps, so at the very bottom I hit a jump and went airborne for a couple of seconds. That one left a mark.

We have had such a wonderful time out west... we have laughed so much and have made many memories. I would give anything for you all to be out here to share some laughs. Miss and love you all!

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