Monday, January 10, 2011

Sirens - again?

Oh boy. I'm off to a good week...

As I was preparing myself to face the world of chicken in the car today (not even a quarter of a mile away from our apt complex), I noticed some lovely red/blue flashing lights behind me. Seriously? A cop? Blast.

I pulled over and fumbled to get my gloves off so I could search for my "license, insurance, and registration, please ma'am." I politely asked the officer, "may I ask why I am getting pulled over?"

Well in the 2 mins I had been in my car, I made a 30 sec phone call to the hubs, which inevitably was the cause of my misdemeanor. 

Who knew it was illegal to talk on the phone in the city limits of Cheyenne? Clearly, I did not.  Luckily, the officer was kind enough to let me off the hook this go 'round. Next time? $400 fine. Ouch! Cheyenne cops don't mess around.

I'm glad I could pull the "naive, southern gal who just moved to the area" card. :) 

Speaking of southern... AJ at the annual Apple Festival in Ellijay. Hehe :)


  1. I'm sure it was your smooth southern accent that did it! Can you use an ear piece?

  2. Yes! I can use an earpiece... I've already purchased one :)