Friday, January 28, 2011

Steamboat Springs

Andrew and I got away for a few days to Steamboat Springs, CO. It was a beautiful three hour drive from Cheyenne. We enjoyed soaking up God's beautiful creation as we chatted and listened to some good tunes.

We stayed at the Steamboat Grand, located at the base of the mountain... we just had to take steps to the main ski lift. Nice! The resort was spectacular... spa, heated pool and hot tub, multiple restaurants, Starbucks, etc. Our studio room was cozy, and the tub was awesome. I was able to totally submerge myself in steamy water after a day of skiing.

We had two full days of skiing. The weather was partly cloudy most of the time, but we had a good deal of snow the last afternoon. The slopes were thick with powdery snow. It was great. 

Andrew {the ski guru} refused to take a break either day, even for a little coffee break, so I sent him on his way and had myself a good cup 'o joe each day. Overall, we had a blast and we only ached a little when it was all said and done. :)

On our way!

The mountains so far away...

Super excited.

Getting closer!

Snow always blows across the road - spooky.

More spooky.

Mountains at our finger tips.

Starting through Medicine Bow National Park

Driving through Medicine Bow National Park... snow covered the ground

Passed through the national park - getting closer!

Cool lighting on the mountains

Sun setting - looks like waves :)

Last leg of the trip... so close! 
Our stellar bathroom

Even the toilet paper made you feel welcome!

Howdy from the bathroom!

AJ checking out the local activities

Cute little kitchenette and our stash of food

First day on the slopes

Snow covered trees everywhere

Our splurge of the trip... my FAVORITE - creme brulee

At one of the highest points - over 10,000 ft

Looking down over a slope

For you, Grandaddy Jones. (Andrew's childhood nickname)

Check out how far AJ's ski pole went in to the snow!

The snow on the side of the road - so high it covered road signs!

Boo - time to go home

The pups were so glad we were home!

A typical evening before bed at the Jones' - spoiled dogs.

Well that was trip one of two for this season. Next stop is Winterpark with Andrew's cousins, Josh and Ryan. We can't wait to have some visitors!! 

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