Sunday, February 27, 2011

A whirlwind two weeks.

Whew... I am worn out :)

Ok not really. I'm actually rejuvenated. Andrew and I had the pleasure of welcoming his cousins and sister to the wild west for the last two weeks. It was such a delight to have family here. There might not be much to see in Cheyenne (besides us, of course), but it means a lot that family (and friends soon) would take time out of their busy lives and come visit. We feel honored and very grateful.

The first week, Andrew's cousins, Josh and Ryan, were here. This past week, Andrew's sister, Rachel, was here. Within the past two weeks, we've gone skiing, sledding, walked on water (ok so it was frozen), and laughed until it hurt - multiple times.

To end a wonderful two weeks, Andrew and I attended the Cheyenne Symphony last night. Our dear friends from church gave us two tickets to attend "The Magic of Mozart." After the concert, we met up with some other friends (who also attended) for dessert at the lovely Applebees. :)

Here are a few photos from the past two weeks...


Andrew and Josh


The gang in the deep snow

Waist deep in snow

The soft snow

Sledding adventure

The beautiful Granite Reservoir

Standing on the frozen Granite Reservoir

Checking out how thick the ice was... ??

The frozen reservoir

Trying to get back to the side - so slick!

Day 1 skiing at Winterpark

On the slopes

The highest point at Winterpark - 12,060

Breathtaking views from so high up

At the top of Winterpark

The last little hike up to the highest point of the mountains - by about halfway up I was totally out of breath!

Rachel's turn to go sledding

AJ leading the way

Rach and AJ

Chilling in the snow

Family forever


Well there you have it... pics from our sweet memories.

Happy week to all!

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