Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hi from the Springs.

I have some exciting news to share.

Andrew and I found a home to rent in Colorado Springs!

We left for the Atlanta airport Tuesday morning and arrived in Denver before 11 am. After getting our rental car, we zipped down to the Springs to meet up with various leasing agencies and/or home owners to view some rental properties.

Tuesday did NOT go well. The places we saw were very disappointing, and coming off of a busy morning with traveling, both Andrew and I (me mostly, of course) were discouraged. That night we decided to refine our search a bit, and we moved further out to homes in Peyton, which is north east of downtown about 25 mins. We found a few places and set up times to view the homes on Wednesday.

I knew Wednesday was going to go well because it started out with my quiet time and having a breakfast burrito from CFA. :) I was ready to conquer.

When we arrived at the first home, the leasing gal couldn't let us in because someone forgot to return the key to the lock box. Great. So much for a successful day!! Our next showing wasn't until 10:15 so we had over an hour to kill in an area with not so much to do... unless you like to peruse the aisles of a Safeway grocery store... which we did. We did lots of driving through neighborhoods too.

At 10:15, we arrived at Turney Drive. The house was lacking in curb appeal, but something about just seemed to beckon us right in. As we toured the home, a calm swept over me. I liked it! "Maybe today won't be so bad after all," I thought. After walking through the 4 bedroom, 3 bath, ranch style home, I was smitten. Turney felt like home.

And guess what? Andrew liked it too! We expressed our interest in the home, but were informed it was also on the market to sell AND there were some potential buyers. We couldn't get too attached yet because 1) we needed to see if the owners wanted to pursue the potential buyers and 2) we had five more homes to check out.

To make a long story short, we didn't like any of the other homes and the owners agreed that renting was going to be in their best interest at this point, since there was no official sell in the near future and we seemed to be so excited about the place - plus we clearly looked like awesome tenants.

Andrew and I filled out an application and had a credit/criminal background check completed. Today, we stop by to check out the lease agreement and put in a deposit. After that, it's our place baby. Woohoo! :)

Today is also exciting because I get to meet with my future OBGYN. I drilled him with a few questions via email, and he said he'd love to meet and discuss the questions in person. I'd like to think that this makes him seem even more like the type of Dr I want to have. I guess we'll see at 11:45 am MST if he's the Dr for me.

I think we are going to swing back by the house today and take a few pics. If it all works out, be on the lookout for a little preview of the future Jones pad.

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