Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lima Bean's true identity.

Believe it or not, but Lima Bean actually has another name... like a real name. :)

And believe it or not, but Andrew and I actually call Lima Bean by her other name in real life.

There have been multiple times where I've started to write out Lima's other name on the blog and then had to delete it. Obviously it wouldn't have been that big of a deal, but I was hoping for a little more of a grand reveal.

So here it is my cronies... here's the grand reveal.

Lima Bean's official name is:
Mary Elizabeth

We chose this name for two reasons: 1) our family members that it honors and 2) we just like it!

Both Mary and Elizabeth honor members of our families. Mary is my paternal grandmother's name and Elizabeth was my maternal grandmother's name, as well as my mom's name. Elizabeth is also Andrew's paternal grandmother's name.

For some of you, Mary Elizabeth might sound familiar for one other reason. Joby, my oldest sibling, is not actually my oldest sibling... he's just the only oldest sibling I've ever known. My official oldest sibling was a sister - a sister named Mary Elizabeth. Unfortunately, my family had to undergo quite a bit of heartache for a period of time. Elizabeth was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was two years old. When she was four, her little body had had all it could take and she went to be with our Heavenly Father. In the words of Watermark, she "just has heaven before we do."

It is certainly a privilege to name our first little girl after my oldest sister.

Well there you have it folks! Lima Bean's non-blog name is Mary Elizabeth. In blog land, however, little M.E. (or Emmy - as Andrew will most likely call her) will remain our sweet Lima Bean.

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