Thursday, September 15, 2011

The big move.

Ok so I've updated you on the weekend before our move... here are a few pics from the actual moving process, along with a quick trip to see Garden of the Gods before Mama and Ryan left.

The packing crew

The truck... loaded as full as it possibly can go!

The packing crew, minus my dad

The Penske truck didn't have any cupholders, so Andrew made his own :)

The homemade console

7 am and time to hit the road

The road trip gang

The dogs happy in the back seat

Day 2! Still smiling :)

The full-time driver

We stopped in Kansas City for some authentic Kansas City BBQ - YUM!

Picnic out back of the BBQ joint so the dogs weren't left alone

The lovely Super 8 in Wakeeney, KS... somewhat of an experience.

Last day! (man do I look preggo in the face!!!)

Just arriving to the house! Home sweet home.

AJ opening the door for the first time

Time to unload

The view of Pike's Peak from our backyard. I don't think I'll get tired of that!

The dogs soaking up the view

Crazy dogs

At the Garden of the Gods gift shop. Two fine men right there!

Mama and me

Garden of the Gods

Repeat of last trip to the garden

Andrew the monkey

AJ and Ryan

Beautiful contrast of colors.
Before I end the post, here's a picture of the wreath I made for our front door... after going to the bathroom, of course, hanging the wreath was the first thing I did before we unloaded. :)

Lastly, a sneak peak into Lima Bean's nursery... her little book nook


  1. So excited you are now together in your beautiful new home! I am sure you are ready to get your sweet little girl's room ready!!! Can't wait to see pictures! The view is breath-taking!! Congratulations to both of you and this exciting new stage of your lives!

  2. what a beautiful home and that view, wow!! so happy for yall :)

  3. Anne, you are beautiful, your family is beautiful, and your home is beautiful! I'm praying for you guys over these next few weeks! I can't wait to see pictures of Mary Elizabeth!

  4. Beautiful view, Anne. Congrats!