Thursday, September 15, 2011

Family time before the move.

The weekend before Andrew and I moved, Joby and his family came in to town to visit before we hit the road. It was so nice to have some quality time! During the weekend, we even had a dear friend stop by - we know him as P-Nut, but his real name is Jason.

Henry showing his muscles before going swimming

P-Nut and Joby

Pops with Dorn, Mary, and Henry (attacking from below)

The three preggos! Yes, Kate and I have on the same skirt :)

Henry in his favorite outfit

Saturday evening, my whole family AND Andrew's family came over for our "last" dinner as Georgians.  We had a wonderful time. I wanted to get a few photos of my family before we left. Here's what we got...

All of the Fowler kiddos and spouses

The WHOLE crew

Dorn with a little flare :)



What a wonderful way to end our time in GA!  We already miss you guys.

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