Saturday, September 3, 2011

He did it!

It's official... Andrew is a Chick-fil-A owner/operator!

Andrew completed his classes at Chick-fil-A Corporate and graduated yesterday. There was a ceremony at Corporate, where all 21 graduates were recognized for their hard work and success in completing the 5-week course. After the ceremony, CFA treated the operators and their families to a catered lunch in their honor. Thanks CFA! All of the festivities were very exciting.

Andrew has worked very hard and it has finally paid off! It's been neat to see Andrew mature and develop his skills as a businessman throughout our marriage. I was overwhelmed with pride as I watched Andrew during the festivities at CFA. He is just so in his element and I love that. I thank the Lord for Andrew's dedication to his work and I praise Him for blessing Andrew with a job that he loves and is so passionate about. To God be the glory!

Here are a few pictures from the day...

Andrew and some of his buddies

Will Flora (my sister's boss!) talking to the graduates

After Andrew received his "diploma." Bad pic, but still special!

Graduating class with Truett Cathy in the middle.

Andrew and his first operator - the man who taught him everything :)

Andrew and his close friend Scott (the trouble makers in class per chance??)

AJ with his mom and dad
Congratulations Andrew! On behalf on our families and friends... we're proud of you!


  1. Yay!! Love the pictures :) And I love your dress…meant to tell you that. Is it a maternity one? I found it hard to find cute maternity clothes…at least affordable ones! And so I am guessing that little baby jones didn't come on Friday huh? I was thinking about you all. Now I suppose you guys are on the road to CO! I hope the trip goes well and keep in touch! I will definitely be praying for you all! God bless!

  2. you are the cutest little prego!! it's a small world-- i grew up with scott :) hope you are feeling great :)