Saturday, September 3, 2011

Summer happenings.

I haven't been faithful to update you all on what's been happening the last few weeks... like my second baby shower, a girl's trip to Savannah, and an afternoon of fun at Andrew's house with his old baseball launcher.

Here's a little recap. Oh and be on the lookout for another Lima Bean update!

First off: my baby shower! This was primarily a church shower. We had a blast - lots of laughter was had by all. I am so thankful to all the ladies who attended... thank you for your generosity and support of our family. Andrew and I were certainly showered with gifts for our little Lima Bean!

Some of the decorations

AJ growing up

Pictures of me growing up holding "playing mom" with baby dolls


Mama with friends


All the ladies at the shower

Fowler gals

The snack table

M for Mary

Delicious fudge

So excited... Lima Bean's quilt from "Mimi" (my mom)

Love it  - windmill pattern

The lovely hostesses - Kimeran, Kate, Jennifer, and Marla
Secondly: a trip to the beach! I drove down to Savannah to visit with some of my college buddies.. two of which are also pregnant! I guess the baby season is starting to sneak up on us. The two day getaway was fun... certainly a nice treat to spend time with girlfriends before the big move.

From left to right: Hannah, Erica, Whitney, and Grace 

Headed to the beach

Old college roomies... pretending to be preggers

Finally: afternoon fun with Andrew, his dad, and cousin... they found Andrew's old baseball launcher in the basement. :)

Ryan in the outfield as Andrew sends the ball his way
Smile AJ! 
Fly ball!

The spectators

Amos, the ball collector
It's been so fun at home. I've been blessed with some sweet fellowship with family and friends while living with my parents. I will definitely miss all the fun times here in the South!

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