Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hi from CO Springs!

Can't talk long... I'm too pooped! Nevertheless, I wanted to give you an update on our trip.

Tuesday morning at 7 am, Andrew, Ryan (Andrew's cousin), Mama, and I began our three day trek out to Colorado Springs. Excluding the rain we had ALL day Tuesday, the drive went very well. Andrew was a trooper driving nonstop in a massive yellow Penske truck for three days straight. Ryan, his co-pilot, was supportive the whole way.  Mom and I followed the giant truck in Lyla (my CRV) with the dogs. Minus being slightly sore at the end of the drive, Lima Bean and I did just fine.

I must say pulling up to our new home was both exciting and incredibly relieving... not only had we made the drive safely (and all of our belongings were still in one piece), but the house was beautiful! Andrew and I were anxious to arrive since we had never set foot in the home before. I can tell you, however, that our fears quickly became excitement as we stepped out on the back porch to see panoramic views of Pike's Peak and the Rockies. :)

Over the last 36 hours, Andrew and Ryan completely emptied the truck and set up all of our furniture (including Lima Bean's crib and other goodies), and Mom and I have organized the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Today, the guys painted the nursery green - Benjamin Moore's Country Green to be exact - and then we quasi set up the room. I must say things are coming together nicely and I couldn't be more thankful.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't exhausted - my feet and lower back have become my ultimate nemesis.  I rejoice nonetheless because we are home. I've been dying to say that for a year now!

More to come later. Oh and by the way... I'm officially 36 weeks which means Lima Bean could be joining us here on Swigert Way soon soon soon. Crazy.

Praise be to God for his never ending kindness and love towards us!

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