Sunday, November 18, 2012

Abiding in the Word.

"And from the throne came a voice saying, 'Praise our God all you his servants, you who fear him, small and great.'"

Revelation 19:5

Today begins Thanksgiving week. In light of this special occasion, over the next few days, I thought I would share how my heart is thankful. To begin, I am thankful that I am a child of God.

I wanted to share a hymn we sang in church today. As I sang the words, I was drawn to tears (of course that was probably the hormones... again) thinking of how God blesses us daily with things like... light and breath. May we never cease to thank our gracious, loving Savior for the things He gives us.

In Thanksgiving, Let Us Praise Him
Author: Clair Cloninger/Franz Joseph Haydn. Copyright: ©1986 by Word Music.
Used by permission. CCLI #1118490

From the first bright light of morning
To the last warm glow of dusk;
Every breath we take is sacred, For it is God’s gift to us.

In thanksgiving, let us praise Him;
In thanksgiving, let us sing
Songs of praise and adoration
To our gracious Lord and King.

In the season of our plenty, In the season of our need;
We will find His grace sufficient,
We will find His love complete. (Chorus)

Safe within His hand that guides us,
Hidden in His healing wings;
Day by day His love provides us
Every good and perfect thing. (Chorus)

After the Hymn of Adoration, we read a passage from the Old Testament - Psalm 147:11, which says: "Sing to the LORD with thanksgiving; make melody to our God on the lyre! He covers the heavens with clouds; He prepares rain for the earth; He makes grass grow on the hills. He gives to the beasts their food (*Note this is not talking about husbands... hehe), and to the young ravens that cry. His delight is not in the strength of the horse, nor His pleasure in the legs of a man, but the LORD takes pleasure in those who fear Him, in those who hope in His steadfast love."

This was so powerful to me. To think that the author of perfection, the creator of all things on this earth and space, the ruler and king over all, who keeps everything in the world running and living... over all His magnificent creation... He takes pleasure in his children.

Words cannot adequately express how thankful I am that I am treasured over all creation. Who am I that He saw fit to love me? Out of an overflowing heart I rejoice. Friends, let us rejoice in our loving God!

In other news, Lima Bean's MyTy and GranDude are here for Thanksgiving! We couldn't be happier to have family here. Lima Bean has been having a blast. I have pics on my camera that I will upload (eventually), but here are a few from last week.

On the last day of my Bible study, we had a lunch... so Lima Bean took her own lunch to the nursery. She loves her lunch box from her cousin James.

Watching some football with Amos.

Just hanging out. I'm thankful that LB doesn't mind playing alone. It frees me up to get things done around the house if need be.

She just can't get close enough to the pups.

Playing outside.

Wearing MyTy's gloves.

Quite the lady. :)

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