Sunday, January 20, 2013

Abiding in the Word.

"Therefore let it be known to you that this salvation of God has been set to the Gentiles; they will listen."

Acts 28:28

Lunch at our pastor's after church last week.

Girl's night! What do you do when you order incredible milkshakes? Why, take pics for FB and Instagram, 
of course. :)

Nutella milkshake with toasted marshmallows on top.

What does a pregnant girl do with a delicious Nutella milkshake with toasted marshmallows on top? Devour it, of course.

Playing with the wagon.

Lima Bean loves to stand on the air vent to warm up while looking outside.

My first pitiful attempt at pulling Lima Bean's hair back. I'm going to need some practice!

Playing peek-a-boo.

More peek-a-boo.

Where's Lima Bean?

There she is!

Soaking up the great weekend weather.

Just a little big sister practice. 

Meet Phil - a cute lil booger that I had to catch last week IN the house. Apparently lizards don't like a lot of rain either.

Lima Bean decided to do some major couponing. 

Having a blast making a mess.

"Oh Mama, this looks like a good one."

"Let me tell you... sorting papers and couponing is hard work!" 

"My work here is done."

I let Lima Bean watch a Veggie Tales movie each day for about 30-45 mins. In that bit of time, she keeps busy climbing all over Mimi and Pops' rocking horse. Here is a play by play....

This one is obviously a no-no. We're working on that...

Oh Lima Bean keeps things exciting! She is a true delight and really makes me laugh. :)

This might look like your typical plate of pancakes, but these are high protein, cottage cheese pancakes. "Sounds gross," you might say, but trust me when I say they are delicious! Be on the lookout this week for the recipe (it's on the menu for our MLK holiday breakfast). 

Happy Monday and happy holiday for those who are actually off!

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  1. Does Lima Bean know there is another baby girl coming soon? :) You'll have so many fun pictures to take of two little sisters playing and climbing on things together in a year or so!